Web forms


This is a question about using web based forms within a course. I have looked at a few examples and tutorials about using Google forms. We have two forms in the course - a pre course assessment in the first module of the course to understand the student's profile etc. and the second course assessment questionnaire (to obtain student feedback about the course) in the last module. We have added web objects in those slides with index files that display each form within the slide. When they complete the form and click submit, it displays a "Thank You" message.

At the moment there is no way of making these forms mandatory. I cannot disable the player buttons for this slideĀ as the student is returned back to the same slide when they submit the form and I cannot work out when to display the buttons again.

Wondering if there is a way of control slide navigation in this scenario or we would just have live with the chance that students may click next to avoid completing the form.



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