Web Hosting Suggestions for eLearning Content

Hello everyone, I am looking at web hosting companies / offers to load content (e.g. Articulate or Adobe Captivate / Presenter) and link to this content from WordPress, eMail, etc. to share example work.  Please let me know your suggestions (I am currently looking at STRATO in Berlin and Host Europe in Cologne.  Thanks!  Cheers, Jason

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Jason Peterson

Thanks Tim!  I also use Dropbox but I need a web server (CMS) to not only host the content within but to link to and playback the content - I don't see that Dropbox can do this; not even with the content sitting in the Public folder.  Once I click on the e.g. quiz.html or launcher.html or player.html, nothing happens - the playback doesn't work.  I am on Office 365 with a SharePoint site and used to host content via SharePoint (where I used to work) but can't do this now with my SharePoint site and think I need to have a proper web hosting solution.  Are you using Dropbox to literally link to and play back content created with Articulate or Adobe Captivate / Presenter, etc.?  Thanks!  Cheers, Jason

Jason Peterson

Thank you Jerson - is this a plugin that is added to a WordPress site if the WordPress site is hosted elsewhere e.g. outside of WordPress.org where my http://jasonhpeterson.com site is hosted?  If so, I assume this suggestion won't be a solution for me since I can't access the /wp-content/plugins/ directory?  Thanks!  Cheers, Jason

Russ Sawchuk


I have used UnitedHosting as my webhost for the last 10 years. I have a dedicated server with them on which I host about 45 websites. Most of these are CMS types (Joomla); some of them are for my e-learning clients and applications. Their servers are very reliable, and the support is the best there is. I can usually get a response to a problem in less than 5 minutes when I have to. (I very rarely need to contact support since everything works like it should.)

I have no vested interest in UH, just a very satisfied client.


Jason Peterson

Thanks again Jerson, I don't see Plugins at all from my site and just figured out why; my site is not self-hosted using WordPress.org software.  My site is hosted via WordPress.com and plugins are not permitted for various security reasons.  I found the following (see pasted content below as well as the inserted image) from http://en.support.wordpress.com/?s=plugins  I would rather not self-host my WordPress site - I am not that techy'ish.  Thanks anyhow and wishing you a pleasant Sunday.  Cheers, Jason

  • Plugins  Plugins are tools used to extend the functionality of the WordPress platform. However, they are only applicable to self-hosted blogs and web sites using the WordPress.org software. Plugins are not permitted here at WordPress.com for various security reasons.