"weighing" objects on a scale

Feb 04, 2018


I'm building a slide in SL where users can drag an object (animels toys) and drop it on another object (a scale).
Essentially, the users are "weighing" the object, and the scale is moving up/down- and thats how they will know what is the heavy toy(giraf)/ medium toy(cat)/ light toy(frog).

After they find out what is the weight of each animels toy, they need to organize the toys on the cubes according to their weight. 

my problem is that i dont know how to do it. I played around with the variables, & try to do it with slides, but still can't get it to work.

Any suggestions? I've included my file.


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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Or:

Thanks for the post. My first thought is to have a different type of scale than you current have -- one where there is indicator that slides along a continuum and stops at the number/weight of the item. You could trigger a motion path to fire, once the object is dragged onto a certain object. 

I did a quick mock up so you can check it out. Attached. Feel free to post back with your thoughts.

Darren Wall

My suggestion would be to convert a line/image to a dial interaction, I'd then assign each of your objects a value related to the weight of the object, with drag and drop interactions on either side of the dial. Few triggers to add/take away from the current value of the dial based on the value of the object and you're away!

If you need any further help, drop me a message and I'll do a quick mock up (you'll need SL360 in order to view the file)


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