What are some good fonts?

I'm just curious to see if anyone has some favorite fonts that they like to use. I'm trying to find good ones and I'm having a hard time. I'm thinking that the Helviteca family looks pretty nice. I also like Century Gothic. What about some good handwriting fonts? I also really like the comic book font that I see on a lot of the tutorials...what is a good one of those?


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Bruce Graham

Hi Jesse.

You may want to start here or here or here .

"What are good fonts?" is a bit like asking "What is nice food?" They are a design device - it all depends on what you want to achieve. You may want to get a copy of this before moving forward - as it will help to explain more.


Scott Hewitt

Hi Jesse,

have a look at Font Squirrel it has thousands of free fonts that you can use that are excellent and you can get lots of examples as well.

A box that we've used for many years for our elearning, presentation and web work is presentation zen by Garr Reynolds. It has some excellent examples of use of font including size, type, leading, weight and position. check out the website at presentationzen.com

Another website that I've mentioned before that I think is a great resource for designers (and you I think its great to look outside of elearning!) is smashing magazine. A quick search and you will find lots of articles on use of font across all media types. I've been working with fonts in web, elearning, games and CD-Rom. You might find this article useful on what elearning can learn from graphic design that I wrote last month - it includes a section on fonts. I try and look across a range of media and not just within elearning for influence.

Have a look across the raft of design sites - there is some excellent advice on how to use fonts. If you are want to have a look at some design then it is worth having a look at something like http://themeforest.net/ to see how designers are using fonts across a range of media - you'll get some inspiration there!

Hope you find this interesting/

Ryan Straight

Bruce Graham said:

Ryan Straight said:

Don't forget about Google's web font collection. Huge (imagine that), free (and that), and optimized for use on the web.



Ryan - had absolutely no idea about those.

Thank you.


A pleasure. I'll post it as a new post for folks who may have also not heard of it.