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Nicole Legault

That's a great question, Tracy!! Thanks for asking that!! I totally understand how tough it can be to make a decision about the right tool for you with all the options out there! I think one of the biggest advantages of Articulate 360 is that it’s not just one app or resource—it’s a complete solution that’ll help you simplify course development from start to finish. And I think it’s the right solution for you if you fall into any (or all!) of these categories:

1. You need to develop a range of multi-device courses and content

There are several content creation tools offered with Articulate 360: Storyline 360, Studio 360, Rise, Replay 360, Preso, and Peek. They work together to make sure you always have the tool you need for every type of project and for all devices. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Have a vision for an immersive interactive course? The sky’s the limit when you’re working with Storyline 360. There’s no programming required to create the custom interactive e-learning of your dreams. And with the responsive player, it looks perfect no matter what device your learners are using.
  • Want to build a gorgeous responsive course in minutes? With Rise, you can build fully responsive courses right from your browser. Every Rise lesson is beautiful, modern, and fully responsive to every device, automatically.  No manual tweaking or software download required.
  • Starting with PowerPoint? Studio 360 lets you quickly transform PowerPoint slides into courses that play on any device.
  • We also have lightweight tools for recording training videos. Create informal training videos from your iPad with Preso. Record quick screencasts from your Mac or PC with Peek. And record, edit, and personalize videos with Replay 360.

2. You want to save time and money sourcing visual assets

Articulate 360 also includes Content Library, which will give you all the help you need on the design side of things. With this warehouse of visual assets, including built-out interactive templates and illustrated and photographic characters, you’ll never have to create a course from scratch again if you don’t want to. And Content Library is ever expanding, so you’ll always have fresh assets to choose from.

3. You need a more efficient way to do project reviews with stakeholders

Once your course is ready to show off, Articulate Review will help you speed up and simplify the review process. Stakeholders and SMEs can leave in-context comments so you’ll never have to play switchboard, juggling multiple feedback documents (some of which may be in conflict with one another!). There’s no software download necessary—Articulate Review is a simple web app.

4. You want to keep learning how to build even better e-learning

Finally, we’re making sure that you get the most out of Articulate 360 and continue to grow your e-learning superpowers by providing live online training with industry experts including Tom Kuhlmann. Articulate Live gives you exclusive access to live webinars where you can learn how to use all the apps and resources in Articulate 360, boost your e-learning skills, and get immediate answers to your pressing questions. They’re great to use when you want to get unstuck, pick up a new skill, or be inspired.

In short, when it comes to e-learning course development, Articulate 360 has everything you need to create beautiful, effective e-learning quickly and easily. You’ll get apps and resources that will help you simplify the course creation process from start to finish.

And if you’re still not sure, you might want to give the free Articulate 360 trial a whirl. :)


iman mafi

Hi there

our company is currently using storyline 2 but I was wondering if articulate 360 will address the current concerns we have with sl2 and be worth the extra cost.

1. our main problem is that courses published by sl2 create a flash based output and with flash tech starting to get obsolete the courses fail to display properly on some devices(with different browser versions or operating systems) . users may experience slide with the audio or video missing or some experience blank slides or glitches like that. it is emphasized that benefit from premium html5 outputs or html5 only published courses. will that address the issue of flash getting outdated?


2. our users can only view courses on pc or laptop as courses are not properly displayed on tablets or cellphones. most users also express an unsuccessful experience with articulate mobile player. it has been mentioned that 360 (both rise and storyline) are fully responsive to tablets and smartphones. Does that mean that users can enjoy the responsive courses "only if" they have the articulate mobile player or can they have a 100% flawless experience if the use the courses directly through the web using safari or similar android platforms?


3. i have a partner who is doing a phd degree at a renowned university overseas. Does this mean we can use the "education" pricing discount?


thank you :)

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Iman,

I saw you hit up a few other forum discussions, but I wanted to let you know I also responded to your original post here. 

If there is anything else I can assist with, please don't hesitate to ask or you're welcome to connect with our Success team, and you can reach out to them directly here.