What are the best player options for a "full screen" effect?

What I'm going for is more or less the feel of an interactive website. So there will be no scroll bar or prev next buttons, and I'd like to eliminate the background frame as much as possible. Basically what setting do you recommend to take up the entire browser window on most computer monitors? Thanks in advance!

(Part of my question is what are the best pixel ratios? Another thread suggests 1920 x 1080 but that is too high for my monitor and not nearly wide enough.)

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Tristan Hunt

I have the LMS open the course in a new window with no controls.

I played around a lot with screen size and came up a with a 16x9 resolution that works well across our devices. Desktop does end up with a smaller course due to the size so I made the player completely transparent and use javascript to use a picture for the background.