What are the pros and cons of creating a module and then an assessment


We have started adding deadline emails to our eLearning modules, but this is based off the latest score on the module rather than best, annoyingly.

So if a user has completed a module/assessment and then revisits the module but doesn't complete it again, this then changes their status from complete to in progress.

Our LMS provider (Kallidus) have said to create the module and assessment separately, and base the deadline emails on the assessment as it's unlikely people will enter the assessment again. But we think our users will get confused doing it this way and isn't a great user journey, as they will need to exit a module and then enter the assessment.

I am just looking to see if anyone does publish a module with a separate assessment, and what do you think the pros and cons.





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Bob S

Hi Helen,

Unfortunately many LMSs still require an outboard quiz/assessment (often using their own quizzing tool) to enable certain types of tracking.

So are they suggesting you can use your own tool (ie Articulate product) to create the outboard quiz?  Or are they telling you they need you to create it with their own quizzing tool in order to track the way you wish to?

If the latter, then you of course lose the polished look/feel and interactive possibilities of creating with a dedicated authoring tool (ie Articulate products). Most LMS quizzing tools are quite basic and limit you to certain question types and layouts.

On the plus side, it can make updating easier. For example fixing small things in the course content allows you to reload just that portion and not have your learner history messed up (as that would be tracked by the quiz - not the course).

One more thought... Often times you can embed a "link" to the outboard quiz on the last page of the course. This can help minimize the hassle for the learner and make it feel a little less awkward.

Hope this helps,


Helen Gilbert

No, I have just spoken to them and they don't so the user would need to complete the module. Exit out of it and then the learning plan would refresh automatically and then this would unlock the assessment for them to have to open that and complete it.

I think this seems a long and cumbersome user journey and will increase the amount of eLearning queries we receive.