What constitutes a video?

Oct 17, 2017

I'm working with a colleague to write an article about an instructional designer partnering with a medical professional to deliver online training solutions. My colleague is concerned if we use the term video that our audience may be confused by what we mean and automatically assume talking heads. Our team creates videos that rarely include talking heads. Usually we include audio, images, animations and sometimes software simulations (but not always). I call all of this video and make no distinction between the flavor of video so I'm having a hard time thinking of other words to use. Any ideas?

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Natalia Mueller

"Video" is a pretty broad term, for sure. For us, "video" means you click play and then watch/listen with no interaction and it's how we distinguish between that and eLearning. It also means the file format is mp4, wmv, etc. If that's what you have but you want a clearer impression of the design it is a good idea to add additional or other descriptors as suggested above just to avoid selling yourself short.