What do you call SCORM?


We are getting ready to deploy a new LMS and are in the process of customizing the naming for courses and objects in it.  We have the ability to upload SCORM content, but when the end user views it in the catalog it comes up as "SCORM - course name" not the most desirable name to have and most users have not idea what SCORM is or means.

So, my question to the community is this "What do you call a SCORM course or how do you describe it to an end user?



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Daniel Chodos

For my organization, and our clients, we don't differentiate one type of course from another.  I recommend removing the SCORM from the title if you can.  An online training is an online training, and classroom training is classroom training.  The end user doesn't care about SCORM, AICC, or other back end handshake protocols.  

This also removes the need to explain the idea of SCORM to non-training-developer types.