what does this do - or does it matter? - Base Layer Objects

I have noticed (by accident) that when I edit layers on a slide, while changing the Base Layer Objects. view,  I accidentally clicked a Base Layer's name and it becomes BOLD.  I cannot remove the bold formatting and I wonder if this could trigger something unintentional.

What is the purpose of this 'bold' format?

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Jill McNair

Hi Diana,

I see what you are talking about  but it looks to me like the name of the item is turned bold so you know that you have selected that object.  This happens on the base layer too.  The problem seems to be that the bolding does not turn off, so if you select more than one, they are all bolded.  The bolding even stayed on for me when I went back to the base layer - and all the items were selected.  When I clicked away from these selected items on the base layer, everything went back to normal - but there was no way to get everything back to normal on the layer other then going to the base layer and deselecting (clicking outside of) the selected items.  This seems like a bug...seems harmless.

Image from a layer:

Image from the base layer:

I would not worry about this Diana - but the programmers may want to know about this!