What does your company call online learning events?

Mar 05, 2012

We're trying to reprogram the vernacular that our company uses to refer to online trianing.  Right now the common phrase is "CBT" which stands for computer-based-training.  This phrase is often associated with a groan as the user pictures a page turner with a lot of text-heavy content.

What phrases do your end-users use to refer to an online learning event? 

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Natalia Mueller

Ours are called P.O.D.s (Presentations on Demand) and of course most of the employees call them "pods". Given that much of the library is also text heavy page turners, and that we're really trying to steer everyone away from "presentations", we should probably be in the market for a name change too.

Eric Nalian

Because this is so new to my company, depending on who I talk to, they use a different term.

  • Field Staff - On- Demand Learning, On Line Course
  • Training Team/Rest of HR - eLearning and web-based Training
  • Operations/Sales Department: Our New Courses (They are an interesting group in my company...)
  • Senior Management - Just plain old fashioned Training Courses or Sun U classes.

Depending on who I am meeting with, I have to switch up what I say.

Sales Framework

Thanks for the replies and suggestions!  We have one type of "robust communication" that we call an iLearn.  These are usually 10 minutes or less, and are not super interactive - they are mostly for informational purposes.  Maybe I'll try to see if iCourse will take for a full online learning. 

I also like the phrase On-Demand Learning (although many of our users have someone "demanding" that they take the course, so it may lead to problems of it's own, lol).