What else is there?

I am new to design and am working on a content heavy course - orientation. I have it built out as a phone showing various "apps". I am stuck now - what else is there besides clicking check boxes to see bullets or clicking on an object to see information - these are essentially the same thing.   Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, keep in mind I am new to design so they have to be fairly simple unless you are willing to share examples.  Thanks!

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Nicole Legault

Hi there Mischelle, 

there are lots of ways you can make your content engaging and fun. If you use Rise 360, there are all kinds of interactive blocks like flip cards, scenario block, knowledge checks, etc. which make it very easy to add interactivity and engagement throughout. 

If you're using Storyline 360 you can create all of these same types of interactions, and more. There's lots of awesome E-Learning Examples to check out here to get you inspired on what you can do, and you can grab a ton of Free Downloads as well to get you started so you don't need to build from scratch. 

One of the things I would challenge you to do is to make your learners think when they engage with the content. There's really not a lot of value to just making learners click a bullet item, or click a checkbox, or click through a tabs interaction... they are just clicking to reveal content, it doesn't mean they are thinking or engaging. In order to make them think and engage you have to craft / write your content in a way that is interesting and poses a challenge. Instead of just giving them the answers, make them think about what the answer is and sort out the right from the wrong, or pose them a scenario question and present them with realistic choices. So, as much as we want to make learners just click the screen to engage them, what we REALLY want to do is to write content that makes them want to read and continue on with the course and content they're learning. 

Here's a few examples of courses that make you think and are more scenario based: