What Feedback Questions Do You Use at the End of a Course

I've asked a similar question about this before (how to you encourage course feedback) and a few people answered with the idea that they have questions embedded directly in the end of the course.  Some even create their courses so that you can not complete them unless you answer the feedback.

I'm looking now to see what specific questions do you ask about your courses?  Are they the same for every course you create? Do they vary?

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Mike Taylor

I try to keep it super short. I think the more you ask, the fewer responses you'll get. I use an online form (survey gizmo) for that has 3-4 items to rate using 1-5 stars and an open comments field so they can tell me anything they want...good or bad. 

Easy to follow/understand (1-5)
Was length/pacing good (1-5)
Would you recommend this to others (1-5)

Comments/Questions (Free text box)

Email (optional) & Would you like to be contacted? (check box)

Here's an old version of my form: 

Course Feedback Form

It's nice since the online form collects all the responses together which you can download as a spreadsheet. I even used to share these in my performance reviews too.