What files must be kept together?

I am new to Articulate, but have created 2 courses. My files are a mess. I've watched several screenr demos that suggest a file structure where quizmaker and engage files are stored in subfolders within an elearning project folder. I thought I had to keep all the quizmaker and engage files at the same level as my PPT file and PPTA file? Is that correct, or can I put all of these Quizmaker and Engage interactions in subfolders? I thought it would mess up publishing somehow if they were in subfolders but maybe if they are in the same project folder it doesn't matter?

I am scared to 'clean up' as I don''t want to screw anything up but would love to get my files more organized and under control!

Thanks for advice!!


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Sayuj Ravindran

Hi Anya,

You need not keep the engage and quizmaker files at the same level as your PPT or PPTA file.

I have even changed the location of the engage files after it was inserted in presenter. And still, when I previewed in presenter, it worked fine.

But may be you should be a little cautious if you have a lot of files. I would suggest that you first take a back up of all your files (into local drive or something) and then clean up the courses... if it works fine you can delete the back up files then...

Hugh Gardner

There is an occasional bug where your audio files either disappear or become buggy, so frequent backups of the .ppta file will save you a lot of headaches.  Also what I didn't know at first, is that the .ppta file can be opened with a program like 7zip if it does come corrupt, and you can then salvage some of the content. 

Once you import a Quizmaker of Engage into your powerpoint, I believe it keeps a copy inside the .ppta.