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Bruce Graham

The thing that immediately struck me about this Sans Serif font was the rounded termini on all strokes and stems, which yours has, but Bauhaus does not.

That being the case, I thought it was VAG Rounded which I was trying to work with recently. Unfortunately, the  45-degree angling on the "e", "f", and the non-dotted "i" means it does not fit. Because of the rounding, It looks like a derivative of both VAG and Bauhaus.

There's a great Wikipedia entry on VAG rounded because of the interesting history...),

Would be interesting to find out, it's a lovely, soft font.


Payal Tandon

Dave,  This is the only picture that I have of this font.  Actually a company that did part of our website design used this font, but the guy used image of this font.  Now I am trying to decipher what font this is.  I will see if I can get hold of this person and ask him about the font.

As soon as I get to know, I will let you know what font this is.

Bruce,  its interesting how the fonts come about.  Thanks for sharing this link.  I really like this font.  Will let you know when I find out about it.