What is the best approach to create technical manufacturing content?

Hey folks,

I have been trying to figure out different ways on how to go about technical courses from a manufacturing perspective, like describing processes machines and a lot more.

I need to understand how to storyboard and visualize such content. Also when it comes to development, i am kind of lost because i don't have enough pictures over the internet, or i don't know how the machine looks like.

Has anybody else come across a similar challenge. If yes, ill look forward to your help. 

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Nicole Legault

Hi Rohit, 

Thanks for posting your question here in the forums. 

Do you have a Subject Matter Expert or employee, or any type of stakeholder you can get information from? I would look to them for more details about the machines and also for pictures and that kind of thing. Will be really hard for you to design meaningful and worthwhile training without having that type of basic information. 

In terms of how to make your content interesting, I think the key is to making it relevant and to the point. WHY do your learners need to know this information? WHAT are they going TO DO with the information they are learning in the training? Do you know what tasks your learners need to learn, and what your learning objectives are? Do you know who your audience is? That is crucial information that you want to have the answers to in order to create your training. Again, discussions with stakeholders or SMEs would be crucial to uncovering this type of information.