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Steve Flowers

If you're looking for icons, one of my favorite sets is the gemicon set. It didn't used to be free, but it is now: http://gemicon.net/

You might have good luck here as well:

You can find some decent graphic element sets on http://www.graphicriver.net. These are priced nicely for a-la-carte visuals.

Natalia Mueller

I'm actually looking for larger pictures. We are an International Division and I'm looking for banner size pictures to go across the top of the main pages of the site. The thing is that I'm not 100% sure what I'm looking for which is why I'd like a site to explore. I don't want the cliche globes with hands shaking or motivational poster styles.  I don't mind photography but I want more than just nice pictures. I'd like to see some form of digital art alone or combined with photography that fits with international business. 

Thanks for the suggestions!