What is the best way to train employees on a Process Flow?

Mar 15, 2016

Hello E-Learning Heroes,

I am currently designing a module where employees need to know about the steps to be followed while adhering to a process. This adherence will help them reduce Turn Around Time in getting a task completed so knowing the steps will have an impact on their performance. What is an ideal way to train these employees so that they perform these steps in a sequential manner?

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David Demyan

Daks, I had an idea inspired by one of the Heroes or challenges (I forget which) that I thought would work well, based on my experience describing step-by-step processes. There are two components in mandatory process flows: 1. Changing the behaviors employees are used to (required for a new process) and 2. Learning the exact steps in the new process. My idea covers the second part.

Based on your task analysis and the assignment of discrete steps to task groups (chunking), insert a process overview slide with each named task group outlined. Let's say you come up with ten task groups. On the following ten individual slides, cover and show each task group one per slide. Envision about 3-5 steps per slide, wrapping up with a description or picture of expected results. On each of the ten task slides, you have an expansion panel that flies out from the right side when hovered and gives the ten task groups shown on the overview slide, with each one showing "You are here now." The fly out is contained on layers that are triggered when the learner floats cursor over the tab. When the learner floats away, the overview flies out of the scene.

So, you could take an outline-style process and easily convert it to a process template you could use over and over.

Let me know if you need more information.

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