What is the "Version" field in Reporting for (when Publishing for LMS)?

Hello all,

Looked around, and couldn't find an answer to this yet, both on the Articulate Website, or in the forums.

What is the "Version" field for, when publishing for an LMS? It's found under the "Reporting" tab.


When publishing a new version of a course in an LMS, it always replaces the old one if it has the same Identifier anyway.  The Version number doesn't seem to have any effect on which version/revision of the course visually "appears"  when being viewed by learners.


My thought is that it's just there in the background for us (LMS admins / instructional designers / whoever uses the LMS) to see what version a course is after it's published.  So, changing the version number doesn't really seem to be necessary (just optional for information's sake). Are my thoughts correct?



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Rowhan Douse


I believe the Version field is reserved for Mobile publishing. I have not tried publishing for mobile, but I believe it is reserved for Mobile player to display the course's published version.