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Nicole Legault

This is a great question, Tracy!!

What I'm most excited about is the fact that Articulate 360 has something to offer for everyone in the e-learning process and at every stage of design, development, and review. There are many ways Articulate 360 will improve your authoring process to make it quicker and easier to build courses. Here are some of the features/areas you might be most keen to explore...

You’ll have the right authoring app for each project

Every e-learning project is unique and we understand that one tool does not fit all. We want to ensure you always have the right tool for the job. That’s why we’ve delivered a mix of authoring apps with various capabilities in Articulate 360.

From the super easy-to-use responsive authoring tool (Rise) to one of the most robust e-learning authoring tools in the industry (Storyline 360), the variety available with Articulate 360 will save you time by letting you use an authoring tool that fits the needs of your project. Want to build a responsive course in minutes? Use the amazing new Rise. Need to create a quick screencast on your Mac or PC? Peek’s your best friend. To learn more about which authoring tool to use for a project, read this article, which explains the use cases for the content creation tools in Articulate 360.

You’ll reach more learners, in less time

Everyone is using mobile devices these days and we get that! That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever to publish all of your e-learning courses to mobile in just a few clicks. Any content you create in Studio 360 or Storyline 360 now plays in a new responsive player—with no extra work for you. Now learners can access your Storyline 360 and Studio 360 courses from any device, and the course content looks and works as it should. And any content you create in Rise, our new web-based responsive authoring app, is inherently responsive. It’ll reflow beautifully on any mobile device.

How does this save you time? There’s absolutely no need to design for multiple screen sizes or devices; simply publish the course and we do all of that work for you.

You’ll have access to awesome resources

Who has time to go digging through dozens of sites to find the perfect character for a course? No one! Save yourself that time by going to your new one-stop shop for high-quality templates and assets: the amazing new Content Library. Your courses will look like they were built by a professional visual designer in no time.

You'll boost your skills with live online training from e-learning experts

In addition to great resources that make your course look sharp, you’ll also have the chance to improve the content of your course by attending Articulate Live webinars, which are live online training sessions with leading industry experts. Learn shortcuts and timesavers from Articulate pros that can shave minutes, and perhaps even hours, off your development time!

You’ll streamline the review process

Finally, Articulate 360 will help you streamline the course review process with Articulate Review. The review process can often be a time drain, as documents go back and forth between stakeholders, subject matter experts, and developers. Put an end to the confusion with Articulate Review. You can iterate faster, avoid misunderstandings, and complete courses sooner by viewing all consolidated, in-context feedback in one place online.

Articulate 360 is the complete e-learning solution you need to make your e-learning workflow easier and quicker. With resources, training, and a multitude of apps to fit your requirements, Articulate 360 has your back throughout the course creation process, from start to finish. Get a free, 30-day trial to try out all the e-learning goodness in Articulate 360. :) 

Zsolt Olah

The big pluses I've found so far for my team:

1) Review (not only actually reviewing with client but as a tool to share interactions and discuss within a team. Think like a playtesting tool or prototyper. For geeks, an iterative MVP (minimum viable product) playtester.

2) RISE (for certain type of learning it is a great, quick tool that creates beautiful learning experiences) 

3) Getting rid of Flahs in Storyline output :)

Improvements or road map I'd love to see in the future:

1) SL support for JS. At least that I don't have to copy paste code over and over again because it wipes it out with every publishing. It would be as easy as adding a feature that allows to plug in a JS file name that gets automatically loaded within the index.html

2) SL triggers. Triggers need a little more sophisticated editing interface than today. A simple if then else would be awesome. Also, turning them off and on. For testing, it is crucial.

3) SL and RISE integration. RISE, as is, great for linear content. For my DevLearn session, I'm actually loading RISE content in Storyline as a Webobject but I'd love to do the reverse.