What OS tablet is best?

I am choosing the tablets that we'll roll out to our remote team for e-Learning. We develop in Storyline and Captivate. I thought we'd go with the 20" NABI Big Tab, but I'm having a horrible time getting our content to work and I can't see anything from Articulate even with the downloaded player. Are any of you specifically designing for a mobile device? Is Microsoft more stable for long term development than Android? Any advice is appreciated.

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Patti Bryant

Hi Emily!

When I was at Chipotle, we specifically designed content for mobile. We tested several tablets and ended up going with the iPad. The content (generated in Articulate Storyline) worked great!

That's very odd that you can't see anything from Articulate, even with their app. I wonder if a mobile test apps like http://mobiletest.me/ might help you make a determination?

Keepin' the joy,

Emily Wood

Hi Patti,

Thanks for your advice and the link. Our IT department doesn't want to use Apple products, so I know that isn't an option for us, but this link will be great for testing.

Hi Michael,

The devices do meet the specifications. After some troubleshooting, our vendor determined they'd been exporting as SWFs, and once they redid them as HTML5, they worked.