what parents need to know about e-learning


I'm working on a website and want to include a blog or other information to help parents with K-12 kids navigate the world of e-learning.  Does anyone have any suggestions on good information about what parents ought to understand when providing e-learning content for their kids?  Or do you have any good information for teachers that could be translated to a parent's perspective?  



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Bruce Graham

Hi Mark,

It might be useful to understand exactly what you mean by "eLearning".


Does Wipipedia count as "eLearning".

Is your perspective (...any learning that is not TV-based, per-to-peer, or via a book?"

Once we understand this, and your angle, it might help to generate some ideas.


Mark Mulkerin

Hi Bruce,

My primary focus is on student driven instruction delivered electronically, so material that was in whole or part intended to fill an educational role (whether instruction, practice, assessment, etc.).  In other words, material like educational apps, software, games, e-pub books, video, podcasts, etc.  Given the enormous and diverse content available to parents now from Khan Academy to iTunes educational games to youtube to etc., what tools and yardsticks should parents use to evaluate their choices?  What research has been done traditional vs. blended vs. total electronic learning that would help inform homeschooling or other parents on how to use the different options?

As someone who wants to provide content the parents of K-12 students, I also want to be able to educate potential customers on how to best choose and use educational apps, software, etc.  Questions I envision other parents having are things like:  When is a game educational and when is it just a game?  Is this or that app age and/or grade appropriate?  What makes for a "good" app (in layman's terms)?  How long should a child be allowed to use a tablet or computer for instruction?  When is it better to use a traditional or blended approach instead just apps, etc.?

I'm sure I have left many things out, but that is the basic idea.  I want to provide research backed information to non-professionals (parents) as they make educational choices for their kids.



PS I apologize if I am still not clear, I'm a bit muddle headed today.