What pronoun should I use His, Her or they?

I'm constructing a knowledge check, but I am a little stuck on what pronoun to use... what is your advice?

What is needed to access the sponsor's website?

A. the sponsor's username

B. the sponsor's phone number

C. the sponsor's e-mail address


A. His username

B. His phone number

C. Hi e-mail address


A. thier username

B. their phone number

C. their e-mail address


Thank you for your help


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Ray Cole

If you give the characters in your scenarios names, pronouns become easier to choose.

To use your example:

Karen is the sponsor of your project. She's recently asked you to review some information posted at her website. What information will you need to log into her site?

"Karen" is generally a woman's name, so the pronouns are "she" and "her." If you named the character "Jim" instead, you'd use "he" and "his." If Karen and Jim were the sponsors, you'd use "they" and "their."