What's everyone doing/going to do for their eLearning portfolio?

I've seen good example portfolios and websites on here, but I wanted to focus on those that don't have a portfolio or are thinking about creating one.

I've been working on mine for many years and recently decided I wanted to help those who have no clue where to begin, begin.

So, I worked my butt off creating a course on Udemy (no, Storyline isn't allowed there unfortunately) to help people get their bearings on creating their portfolio for those new to the whole thing.

I wanted to share with those on here interested in creating their eLearning portfolio in order to give them that "push" to just do it. I think it's a great way to put yourself out there, show your work, and get feedback from a great community (yes here).

So, based off the portfolio I've created for myself on my Technkl website, I created the website nickleffler.com and showed every step of the way getting there.

I used an HTML5 animation as an example on my site but really it's the same as a Storyline project. I was debating using a SL example but decided to go more broad for those that don't know SL.

So, not to be too promotionally or disingenuous (hopefully I haven't already) I wanted to provide anybody from the Articulate community the opportunity to take the course for a discount (20% off) until the end of this month.

Even if you don't want to pay the money to do this and would rather explore it on your own, I'll still give you a hand where I can if you post on this discussion or I'm always watching the Twitter hashtag #web4pbrand for the course.

I want to see more portfolios out there, regardless of how they get there. I don't think it's possible to not have a portfolio these days, is it? So, I want to help however I can.

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Nicole Legault

Hi Nick!

Thanks for sharing your portfolio and tips here!  You might have already seen these, but just in case, here's a few portfolio links and discussions that you might find useful!

Thanks! Hope these are helpful to you and others.