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Rachel Barnum

I would actually probably spend much of that $5k on a complex, customized Storyline template for my job. At the end of the day, there are only so many custom interactions I can come up with and I would love for them to be beautifully done and programmed in a way that pretty much everyone agrees on that I can just go in and edit (and I just don't have the time to do that currently).

Cheryl Hoffman

I feel ya, Rachel!!!  If that 5k could just buy me TIME to improve course quality, that's where I'd spend it. Meanwhile, I've set aside two three-hour windows per month on my calendar where I spend time creating highly-interactive content. Then I store it in a Storyline file I call "Reusable Content" and I can grab & go at will. It's working well so far!  Another year or so, I'll have incredibly-amazing courses!!!  For now, I use what I have (I'm up to about 30 slides so far).

Cheryl Hoover

Hi, Cheryl. We purchased a subscription with eLearning Brothers. I've used several of their templates for courses and a handful of character sets. The characters are not as easy as the Storyline photographic characters, but they're a lot cheaper. I've also been pleased to find some graphics and music I could use. Feel free to write me privately if you want more information.

Ulises Musseb

The Elearning Brothers subscription idea is great, but I don't think that it will cost you $5,000. We use their resources where I work and they are great. I've found a large number of resources that are very useful, although when it comes to templates, I use them more as a baseline framework, more as an idea. I never find a template that contains everything I want or everything the way I want.

So I do recommend the Elearning Brothers subscription, but personally, I don't use their templates "as is". I always change something. That may be the case with others who use outside resources.

Cheryl Hoffman

Oh, it wasn't anywhere near $5,000 - the remainder of the budget was used for individual development. Now that FY17 has begun, we were able to subscribe today (budget stuff). Because nearly everyone where I work is in a uniform or scrubs, most people-related templates will need serious modification, if I am able to use them at all. I am having difficulty with the first template I downloaded, however. I can't select an image to delete or replace it; it's driving me nuts.