What's the most useful new feature in Studio 360?

Nov 10, 2016

I'm so accustomed to just focusing on Storyline that 360 seems like an embarrassment of riches to work with! 

Articulate Review will be the next app that's most useful to me. What do you think the most useful 360 features will be for you?

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Trina Rimmer

Hey Jackie! I'm right there with you about Storyline 360. And Studio 360 also has a bunch of new features that folks will love. Here are a few that jump out to me.

1. The Responsive Player

Making courses for multiple devices is quickly becoming the norm. With Studio 360, I don’t have to worry about screen sizes or break points. I can just create and publish my courses as I always have and they automatically adapt to fill the screen -- no matter what device my learner is using. It’s easy. Learners can even navigate your course using gestures, like swiping and pinch to zoom. Find out more here.

2. Content Library Integration

It’s always been easy to convert my PowerPoint presentations into e-learning courses in Studio. But now, thanks to the gorgeous Content Library templates, my courses look more polished than ever. And since the templates all available from right within Studio 360, it’s fast and easy to find exactly what I’m looking for and insert it in my project. Learn more in this article: How to Easily Customize the Gorgeous Content Library Templates.

3. Articulate Review Integration

Collaborating with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) has always been a sore spot for me—and for many other course developers. While SME insight is invaluable, their feedback can be hard to decipher and often comes in bit by bit, making it hard to consolidate. Articulate 360 simplifies the review process with Articulate Review, an integrated review tool that allows me to publish and share my course with my SMEs in just one click. The ability to leave in-context comments and track versions makes review cycles easier for me and my SME. It’s a win-win! Interested in finding out more? Check out this article: 5 Steps to an Easier E-Learning Course Review Process.

4. The Timeline

With the all-new timeline in Studio 360, I can see all my animations at once and synchronize them easily by dragging them along the timeline. If I make a mistake, I can easily correct it without needing to start over from scratch. It’s a huge timesaver!

5. The Ability To Resize Engage Interactions

In Studio 360, I can resize my Engage interactions to match my Presenter project size, enabling a seamless transition between my PowerPoint slides and my Engage interactions. If I didn’t know any better, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two!

For some more insights into what's new in Studio 360, check out this article: What We Love About The New Studio 360

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