What's your favorite handwriting font & how do you use it?

Handwriting fonts are so handy for bringing some spirit and authenticity to your projects. I stumbled upon the free version of a font called Summer—and it's become a fast favorite of mine. I used it most recently in this PPT download because I found it to be whimsical without being too cutesy or precious. 

What are some of your favorite handwriting fonts (free or for purchase)? How do you use them in your projects?

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Tracy Parish

I like "Another" it's one I've used several times as it seems to still maintain legibility when the font size is small.  I've had to use it when creating courses where I need it to simulate medical orders that have been written into a patient's chart.

The Summer one is really nice.  Hadn't seen it yet.  Great...there goes my font collecting itch acting up again.  

Action Man is good if you need a "marker" type of effect. 

ShaneMatthews_pen (but it's hard to find now)

AndrewScript_1.6 can be a bit easier to read than Adam's Hand (depending on how it's used)


(apparently that's my thinking on handwritten fonts that start with "A")

Greg Christman
Rachel Craig

I just used two handwriting fonts I found for free online in a course where we had tips from three experts, and I wanted to put these tips on "handwritten" Post-it notes. I used Rabiohead, Note this, both from FontSquirrel, and Segoe Print, which comes with Storyline. I attached screen shots of how I used the fonts in my course.

I grabbed some of the examples from other posts here. I'm really digging this discussion!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Karen

normally they will download in a zip folder, extract the files and then right click > Install fonts;. This will put them into your windows fonts folder - they need to be available there before they are available in Storyline.  If you have SL open when you do it, you'll need to close and reopen SL after you have done the install.

Hope that helps