What system do you use for creating automated documentation?

Jul 17, 2012

I just downloaded Storyline yesterday, and am very impressed with how easy it is to use, and how quickly I can build something that looks pretty snazzy (if I do say so myself). But I don't think it will fulfil our needs in creating documentation (particular for SAP). I think it will be amazing for creating e-learning courses, and the view/try/test simulations are fantastic, but not so much for creating the user manuals (in MS Word). Please correct me if I'm wrong though!

Has anyone out there used Datango or Epiplex as an automated documentation authoring solution? If so, what were your experiences, and would you recommend them?

Otherwise, are there other solutions that perhaps we haven't considered?

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Richard levins

Create a system data container:

  • To create a system data container for an existing SAP Solution Manager project or a solution, do the following:

    1. Under Common Tasks, choose Easy Test Automation.

    2. Select the System Data field.

    3. In the System Data field, enter a name. Do not use blanks when entering the name.

    4. Choose Create.

      You go to the Create System Data Container screen.

    5. Specify the SAP Solution Manager context:

      1. Choose

        You go to the Workbench Settings dialog box.

      2. Select an SAP Solution Manager Project or a solution.

      3. Select a system role.

      4. Choose Save and exit.

    6. On the Attributes tab page, enter data as required.

    7. On the System Data tab page, select logical components.

      The RFC destinations are retrieved automatically from the SAP Solution Manager landscape.

Sharon V

Hi Bruce and Richard,

Bruce, as far as I'm aware, just creating documentation from a screen record in Word is needed. With built in Templates, and recognition of field names and steps etc. Storyline does this with the View/Try/Test modes of screen recordings, but then the output is in the Storyline Project, not in Word. So I basically want that same functionality, but the output to be a user manual (in Word) or a Quick Reference Guide (in Word).

Richard, I'm a bit lost as to what your instructions are for. Can you clarify which application?

Bruce Graham


I may be missing something here - so let me ask it a different way.

What happens when you use the built-in Storyline "Publish to Word" functionality, as per image below?

Is there something else you need that is not included here?

Every course I create has a Word/(converted to .pdf) "Quick Guide" included as an Attachment. Are you saying this does not work for the Screen Capture scenario you describe?


Sharon V

Hi Bruce,

Publishing to Word from Storyline looks more like a dump of the e-learning screens. I need to create User Manuals, and quick guides, which go into a Word Document Template that already has logos and a lot of the sections pre-set up ready for us to populate (eg Prerequisites, Target Audience, Menu Path, Transaction). So the steps which are shown as callouts on the screen are put in as text above the screenshot.

A sample created by Epiplex can be found at http://www.stratbeans.com/doc/epiplex_samples/SOP_sample_createdby_epilearn.doc

It's very similar to what is created by the screen recording, but formatted for printing out as a manual instead.


Herbert Ruth

Hi Sharon

I was wondering if you managed to find a suitable solution to your challenge. I am busy with a SAP roll-out project, and currently considering if I should use Datango or Articulate to develop training materials (digital) for SAP processes & content to facilitate our pre go-live training efforts.

What has been your experience? Have you managed to build your content using storyline or studio 09

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