WHAT TO BE GREAT AT, to be a great E-Learning developer

Hello all, 

My first discussion here. We have started our E-Learning team a year ago and have managed to self learn our way through most of our work (thanks to the help of all your discussions and other resources), however as we are about to go Live to the rest of the business (we have been doing minor projects to get some practice), I am wondering if I can get the help of all of you to maybe bullet point 5/10 tasks/things/processes that you think a Great E-Learning developer should know 100% to be able to deliver high quality E-learning. With this a few examples: 

- Has to know 100% how to storyboard

- Have nailed the art of scripting

- Has to be able to handle interactions on software. 

We work with Captivate 2017 and use a Sharepoint based LMS from the E-Learning Force company. Thanks for your help everybody!

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Phil Mayor

Depends on how you define a developer, personally I don’t think storyboarding or scripting are essential for the developer role, these are more an instructional designers role  

A developer for me should be able to take storyboards, scripts, source documents and develop interactive elearning  

They should also be able to translate complex learning into intuitive interactions.




Phil Mayor

Not sure you will get specifics for Captivate here.

Developer skill levels vary and depends on the level they are expected to work at.

I have probably got much higher expectations for what a Storyline developer should be able to do, compared to most. That is because of the projects that I work on. 

Bob S


If you are including Instructional design in your role definition, then I would say to be GREAT you want to think beyond just creating materials. 

Really think about how your IDs/Developers work with their stakeholders and SMEs.  Do they speak the language of business?  Are they trusted performance partners? Do they create buy-in for solutions?  You get the idea.

In many ways these skills are as (more?) important than the ability to create zoomy motion paths for a slide/scene or similar skills. Remember, we exist to serve the business or we don't exist at all.

Hope this helps,


Paula Silva

Got it, so you focus more on storyline. I get what you mean about not finding answers here because of Captivate, I am also trying to get help with them too... however since I use Articulate at home to upskill myself I thought I could give it a shot here. Thanks for all your time by the way!

Paula Silva

Thank you so much Bob for this, we are definitely all on board with this. As we all came from within the Technical Training department we all have long standing professional relationships with our now stakeholders. We are definitely focusing on the right things for what I've been reading and one of our strongest assets is relationship building with our SMEs and little by little we are putting our work out there by building trust and fulfilling our projects up to the stakeholders expectations. So thank you for that, I'm glad that we are on the right track after all. We are based in Cape Town, South Africa and E-learning is a new concept meaning not many companies are doing it so is hard to get feedback from professionals in the field. Much appreciated everybody!