What to do with existing narration when new content is added...

Aug 04, 2017

Hello, everyone!

I'm looking for some ideas for the following issue I'm having.

I was tasked to integrate an "E-learning" module (ppt presentation on an LMS) to Storyline. The issue? It has narration and for now, it isn't to be replaced, therefore confined with it.

I was able, for some slides, to include discovery activities with the help of a "click here" icon at the end of the narration, but that solution can only work for some slides. 

For example, instead of having a 2-min narrated slide, I'd like to create a discovery activity. Currently, it's difficult to do so when I don't have supporting audio asking learners to click on the markers for additional content.


Any ideas?






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Trina Rimmer

Hi Julie. Thanks for sharing your question with us!

In terms of the approach you might take, I think it depends on the topic you're covering and what the desired outcomes are for learners. For instance, if your topic is on a piece of software or a system, one thing you may wan to try is incorporating some screen recordings into your project. You can easily create a screen recording in Storyline showing how to navigate the software or system, and then intersperse those as hands-on practice activities. This allows you to reuse that existing source material and narration while incorporating some more applied activities.

On the other hand, if you're tackling something like customer service skills, you may want to use the source PowerPoint as reference material for creating a scenario-based interaction that allows for more practice of the desired skills. In that case, you wouldn't need to worry about working with the narrated slides since you'd be creating something new.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. But if you'd like to elaborate a bit more on the nature of the material you're covering, I'd be happy to continue brainstorming this one with you.

Bob S

Hi Julie.

Sounds like maybe you are thinking about the narration driving the flow/pacing of the content right now. How about flipping things upside down?

Build the content and interactions, then have the narration clips you already possess come in (only) where they make sense or are relevant to the content being displayed. You may have to edit them into smaller segments of course.

You might even have one icon/avatar that pops up for the screens that have narration and a different one for screens that don't and introduce both up front if you are worried about confusion. For example...

  • "Learn It"  (for screens with audio)
  • "Try It" (for screens without)

Hope this helps,


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