What to look for in an e-Learning template library subscription

A recent post in this forum by someone looking for advice on Storyline template library subscriptions prompted me to think about what we should be looking out for when we're looking at signing up for an e-Learning template library subscription. 

Here's my list:

  1. To get the best value out of a subscription, I would be looking for a variety of designs, not necessarily thousands of templates, but a broad enough range of design styles that I could use for a variety of clients and/or topics - so variety, quality and relevance, not necessarily quantity.
  2. A template library site that is well laid out, easy to navigate and where I can quickly find what I'm looking for.
  3. Access to view and interact with demo templates - ideally open and free access, not just the ability to view screenshots or videos of someone else interacting with the templates.
  4. A template library site that specialises in quality Storyline templates - I want to be sure that the expertise behind the Storyline template development has been totally focused on this software, and I don't want to be paying for stuff that I'm not going to use. (Storyline 360 comes with its own content library, so characters and image assets are all taken care of.)
  5. Templates with a user-friendly layout, an intuitive interface and clear navigation. 
  6. Templates with good visual design, cohesive overall appearance, consistent look and feel, and designs that looks professional and inviting. 
  7. Template designs that are versatile, with multi-functional layouts - but not too generic or bland.
  8. Templates that are easy to customise and modify. (To establish this, I would be looking for access to some free downloads so I could investigate whether the templates have actually been set up effectively utilising the features of Storyline that make it easy to work with templates - ie master slides, and colour and font themes.)
  9. Instructions on how to work with the templates, including replacing images, swapping out video placeholders and adding extra question slides.

This is just my list - but I hope this is helpful to others.


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