What to purchase? Storyline or Studio?

Mar 23, 2015

I am hoping someone can help me decide what to purchase.

I am working as a Learning & Development Specialist in a finance company and one of my projects I to move mandatory compliance classroom based trainings to e-learning.

I don't know what to purchase if I would go with Storyline 2 or Studio? The Storyline looks good on creating online courses, but I can see that Studio(Presenter) has more tools on creating e-learning modules from Powerpoint slides.

What can you recommend for me as I would love animations and more features on the courses I am going to create online and make it more engaging and interactive.

Please help. I need to know more details between the two software before I make the purchase and my time is running out.

Thanks in advance for the information.



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Calvin Lo

Go with Storyline, it's more flexible and allows for more creativity. But if you don't want to create complex elearning and just want to convert PPT files to elearning pretty fast, Studio is for you.

I've used Studio before and while it makes for easy elearning out of PPT files, i find it just too limiting for my needs. btw, presenter cannot do all types of powerpoint animations, just the simple ones. 

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