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Apr 09, 2013

I've been working in e-learning for about the past three years.  I have primarily uploaded my Articulate projects to Moodle because my clients needed to track their progress.  However, I am starting to work on a project where it is not necessary to track progress, so I don't really need a Learning Management System.  What would be a type of website to use?  I still need an e-commerce system where people will have to pay before having access to the course that will include Storyline modules as well as other resources. 

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Maarit Heikkinen

Hi guys!  I am new at this eLearning "thing" and trying to find the right tools for my project. I am building an eTrainig cource for my company. Fot us it is important to be able to trac the results. Not so much of the actual points of passing the course but more just to trac how many of our resellers have actually taken the course. So have I understood correctly; Storyline is only an authoring tool, I cannot trac any results from it directly, therefore I need some LMS like Moodle or eFront to host the cources in order to be able to trac the results? How have you found Moodle as an LMS? That was one of my option.. I have also considered publishing my course through an hosted Authoring/Management service, it just might grow expensive in a long run with high per month payments.. phuuh. =/ . What other options for LMS do I have rather then Articulate Online, Moodle and eFront? Have someone tried hosting it in your own server and being able to trac results? I would really appreciate you helping me out!

Erik Lord

For presenting eLearning content online, an LMS is probably the best choice overall; whether you want to primarily track user performance, use ecommerce capabilities, or both... Otherwise you need to find an eCommerce system that can offer subscriptions to software and manage the user's login/access to the software...which is pretty much an LMS without SCORM.

I don't know of any such systems (though I'm sure they exist).

Just look for lower-cost LMS products that don't have tons of features. Capterra can be a nice resource for filtering out products:


Inquisiq R3 could fit:


MindFlash could fit:


...both have pricing on their site.

Projects like Moodle and Joomla's LMS can be very effective, but it can be a trick to balance between 'free software' and support...

Russ Sawchuk

Hi Maarit,

For one of my clients, I have set up a website using the open-source Joomla CMS. There is a an inexpensive extension called Guru that we have installed. Guru is a simple LMS that manages and tracks the learning. We create the lessons in StoryLine, which are accessed by the learner through our website. You can also create lessons and quizzes directly in Guru as well.

We looked at the same options as you did ... Moodle, Articulate Online, etc. ... and found them to be too complex and/or too expensive. So we decided to go this way.


Rita Garcia


Have you tried online stores that support digital goods?

They offer e-commerce services embedded in customizable website templates that they may provide as well.

Have a look at these:


https://www.payloadz.com/ (this one only offers the e-commerce service, you have to paste the link they provide in your own website)


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