What we can learn from games.

Dec 09, 2014

Hello all!

I've recently launched a blog looking at what we can learn from games as Instructional Designers.

This week I'm focusing on a game called Prison Architect and the design elements we can take from their introduction/tutorial level. These are generally key to giving the player the information and skills needed to play the game hence my initial focus on them.

If anyone takes a look or comments that would be much appreciated. I'll be covering several games on the blog and it would be great to have this wonderful community input.

Hopefully we can all learn something together!

The link to Gaming in Training is here - Gaming in Training Blog.

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Joshua Roberts

We're now live! Looking at how to remove instructional text from your courses, with the help of King's Quest.

This week it's a video post where I play through King's Quest highlighting some of the methods used to teach the player the game mechanics, before summing up with how to apply these to E-Learning!

Full post and video available here

Deepak G

Games are great and can be used immensely for training. This is one article which explains why games should be used - 8 Reasons to Use Games For Training.

Since we are talking about games - there is an amazing tool - QuoDeck - which allows you to create game-based presentations. It allows you to use games to make content more engaging. I think it is a wonderful. And it is really easy. You just have to upload ppt and it takes care of the rest. Plus, it is giving out free PRO subscription if you signup for beta ;) That's why I did!

Joshua Roberts

Way too long since my last post but here it is! In this blog post I'm taking a look at my new favourite game, Super Mario Maker. I've looked at 7 of the best tips for building levels within the game and showing you just how similar the logic is for building quality E-Learning. The similarities between video game level design and E-Learning design is scarily similar! Enjoy!

Full Post Here

Joshua Roberts

My goodness, two whole months since my last post! I do come with two new posts though, the first contains details of my Silver award in the E-Learning Designer of the Year category at the annual awards in London.

Silver Award winner E-Learning Designer of the Year

Secondly I'm looking at the use of semiconscious feedback in games and getting us to think more like Game Designers.

Semiconscious feedback, the new standard!

As always, any questions please just shout me on here, Twitter or on the blog.

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