What works when training physicians through storyline

My assignment is developing a storyline training program involving physicians.  As you can imagine, they have limited time to sit and view storyline while adding to the fact they can be challenging to keep engaged.  Since this is my first assignment, I'm not sure what works or doesn't work and was hoping the  e-learning community might offer suggestions.

Any help will be appreciated.


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Bruce Graham

Phil Mayor said:

I don't think physicians have any unique requirements for their training over any other profession.

My general rule is:

Keep it short, engaging and relevant.

Absolutely agree. Spot on.

Everyone, to some extent, has "...limited time to sit and learn", whether it is salespeople, teenagers, or research scientists.

Your role is to find out why they would WANT and/or need to consume your training, and then design it appropriately.

Amr Zaghloul

Dear Glen,

Our company includes about 2400 pharmacists, and of course most of my team courses is in the pharmaceutical field.

I completely agree with our great super heroes Phil and Bruce : Short, engaging and relevant,  and i think relevant is the golden word, as he will seeks it if he needs it.

Good Luck

Amr Zaghloul

Mister Learning

Short and sweet. Bite sized chunks of learning. If you have massive amounts of content, find the logical breaks and make mini-modules. Find a theme to thread them together. Also, always remember who your audience is!

For example if you're talking to physicians about coagulation, you don't need to explain the basic differences in blood cell types, they already know this. Whereas if your audience was the general public with coagulation disorders, you definitely would explain these items. Good luck!

Mahmoud Allam

sure the most important thing is to be short and precise , and its big challenge to remain in short time frame without loosing details ..

using some attractive words related to medical field like ( training capsule ) ( information injection ) can help to attract the employee to open the course



Mahmoud Allam