Whatta Think?- EOL Flash vs HTML5 Output mid- 2018

(I know there is already a thread, but this is slightly different and very newer, I hope)

I was just wondering how you smart people are currently dealing with what-to-output-dilema (assuming that there is one). How about:

1. output for both for now (so still "lean on" Flash)

2. RE-output your legacy file AGAIN, once StoryLine has "better" output for 'HTML5' (eg. more HTML Canvas, jquery, etc support-that's a guess)

Is there a current comparison between outputs?  I'm just wondering if it is any better than back when I did a quick (1) grab an 'interaction'- this case Pyramid, (2) output both (3) compare and contrast on http://www.lxding.com/ (and prostrate accordingly for using Captivate for this case).

(context) In my new job they use BRIDGE as their LMS. "Simple" is the mantra. But now the Boss is all about branching scenarios (which frankly are easier in StoryLine).

(bow) Thanks in advance!!


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Alexandros Anoyatis

Flash is still on a death sentence which makes any development in the format one with an expiry date, and I don't like slapping expiry dates on my services. Therefore there is no dillema as far as I'm concerned - i.e. unless specifically requested to develop for Flash, I only develop HTML5 content, with all the additional intricacies that this entails.