Wheel of Fortune Style Spinner

Attached is my version of a Wheel of Fortune style of spinner. 

  • The spinner leverages the dial functionality of SL3/360.
  • The amount of spin is determined by a random variable generated by JavaScript each time you press the spin button but it will always make at least 1 full rotation.
  • The wheel always starts from where you left it. 
  • There is no limit to the number of times you can spin the wheel.

Hopefully someone will have some use for this.

Link to Demo

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Owen Holt

I hate to disappoint you Montse, but I cheated and used regular ol' JavaScript. I needed to reset the random number for each spin but not restart the slide each time. I haven't worked with the new random number variable enough to know how to do that so I went with what I know. :-)

I also wanted this to be accessible to SL3 users.