Wheel of Jeopardy Game

I wanted to share a game called Wheel of Jeopardy. Here is the link:

Wheel of Jeopardy

Using SL 360, this is a mash-up of both Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy using Assessment questions. This is set up as a two-player game. You will spin the wheel first to see where it lands and then you’ll pick a question from the jeopardy board. If you get the questions correct, you’ll earn the money from the wheel. There’s a button that allows you to skip to the Final Spin/Final Jeopardy if you’d like. This game can be used in a classroom or online environment. I hope that you enjoy! 

Title Picture

Spinning the wheel 2

Jeopardy board 2

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Reba Matthews

Thank you so much for sharing. I love this activity. 

 I am trying to use it with my online students.

However, when I edited the slides in "slide view", but the images do not show in the published view.  It only shows the right and wrong buttons and the callout shapes to edit the question.  I'm new to Storyline, so what am I doing wrong.  I tried locking down the images, but it is only showing up randomly.  I would appreciate any suggestions or tips.