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Allison LaMotte

Hi Becky,

Great question! While it's true that all three tools allow you to record your screen, they all work a little differently. Here's some food for thought when you're trying to decide which one to use for your project:

Storyline 360

  • create interactive software simulations (where learners can click around themselves) from screen recordings. You can also 
  • break screen recording into slides, making it easy to add additional on-screen information 

Replay 360

  • record your screen and your webcam simultaneously and create a picture-in-picture effect
  • easily edit your screen recording

Peek 360

  • works natively on both Macs and PCs
  • always available in your menu bar/system tray, so recording your screen is just a click away
  • uploads to Review 360 automatically once you've recorded your screen, providing you with an easy-to-share link
  • there aren't any editing capabilities in Peek 360, so the idea is to record short videos, not to record long tutorials

I hope that's helpful! :)