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Tim Danner

Sometimes looking at examples is a good place to start. I usually poke around Articulate's community creations page or The Rapid E-Learning Blog when I'm stuck and need inspiration. The Resources links on the right side of the home page provide quick access to many tips and examples.

Also check out the Downloads area. There might be assets there that will help you come up with a design/look for the course.

Dario De Angelis

Hi Diane,

the first thing you should do would be to talk with the different stakeholders in your company and try to understand what they need. If you add the requirements in here I might try to help you to determine what solution is more appropriate for your case.

In the mean time you can get some really cool e-learning content in this blog by Docebo.



Libby Liming

Hi Diane -

The gentlemen above have got it right. First, you should get a clear outline of what you're expecting people to gain from this course, and what sort of information you need to cover.

A great place to start for Storyline how-to's is right here; it's an incredible resource of hands on learning and videos.



Cary Glenn

Welcome to the forum Diane. Typically the first step is to talk either to the Learning/Training Manager or the Health and Safety Manager and figure out what needs to be in the program.

Cathy Moore has some great ideas on e-learning http://blog.cathy-moore.com/. Check out her action mapping. Kineo also has some good resources. http://www.kineo.com/resources

I've been instructing, designing, and developing HSE courses for a few years now. HSE people tend to like to have the law, regulation, policy on a screen which doesn't work that well. People need to know what the rules are but more importantly they need to know how to apply the rules.

As far as templates go start off with something basic, find out what the company's preferred colors and fonts are and use those. Don't just take the company's PPT template, too much room in branded templates are used for marketing the company. Screen space is valuable and don't let branding get in the way of learning.

Start off with a very small project, go through the tutorials on Articulate, ask for honest feedback to look for improvements. Ask lots of questions, we were all beginners once.