Where do you get your game templates? Resources we're missing?

Oct 30, 2017

Hi all. We all know that game or gamified interaction development takes a LONG time, and many companies don't have time or manpower to build games in-house. Which is why there's a template industry. 

But do you feel like there's a shortage of QUALITY interactive or gamified templates? Our clients are asking for more gamified content, and our dev team doesn't necessarily have the time (or experience needed) to devote to building custom games in-house, so we use a lot of templates. 

Most of our templates come from ELearningBrothers.com, but ALL of their game templates are riddled with errors, non-functionality and other quirks -- like right now, the STL 360 versions won't track properly in an LMS; we're having to publish from STL 2. 

I've found a couple interesting game templates on eLearningLocker.com and one on FasterCourse, but are there other template creators out there that I just don't know about? Where do y'all get your game templates? Or are we just at the beginning of this industry and there aren't enough creators out there yet to fill the need?

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David Price

Do I feel there is a shortage of quality templates = yes.

I have seen the eLearning Brothers ones (haven't really looked elsewhere) and to be honest I would only ever use them as an absolute last resort.  They look dated and as you've mentioned they are filled with errors.

In my opinion, if you are going to gamify or put a game in your course then the only solution is develop it yourself.  Yes it may take longer but that all comes down to your planning and making sure you have the time to do it.  If you don't have the time or resources, then just don't bother.  There is no point "shoehorning" a game in just for the sake of it, it would end up doing more damage than good.

That being said, if there was a better selection of games/gamified content out there then it may be of use, but you'd need to be able to adapt it to your own requirements.  I look for these templates more for inspiration rather than to actually use them.

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