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Brian Hardin

If you're primarily looking for voice recording quality, I'd go with a good quality desktop mic like the Blue Yeti.  But if you really want a headset, some of the higher-end Logitech headsets sound pretty good.  Here's one I've used:


You tend to get what you pay for with sound recording.


Tom Crockett

I'd say pretty much the same as Brian, I personally use a Blue Snowball, though the Yeti would be a better option for a desktop mic. Though if you do go for this option I would also recommend looking at a free standing mic stand and pop filter.

If you have any issues with background noise or sound quality, duvets and pillows over windows and doors work well for sound dampening. Also setting up a sheet or blanket directly behind you while recording can help to remove unwanted background noise.

As far as any mic or headset goes, it really depends on your budget, but you can't really go wrong with a good quality gaming headset, Logitech, Corsair, Razer etc.