Which authoring software for software-based e-learning?

I plan to develop e-learning modules by recording software to create scenarios, assessments, and simulations. For example, a learner can freely navigate through recorded software to display various information depending on action (mouse-over, mouse-click).

Requirements prioritized:

1) LMS compatibility; Taleo Learn LMS

2) HTML5 output; modules and simulation can exist on a non-flash web site

3) Rapid Development; agile design and development methods

Based on these requirements, has anyone experienced creating e-learning with similar requirements, and if so, which authoring software would you recommend and why?

Much appreciated for any insight!

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Sergey Snegirev branchtrack.com

We worked with TTKF software from these guys: http://en.tt-s.com

It was initially designed to record tons and tons of interactive software trainings and screencasts for SAP, so it has powerful automation features, although the software itself sometimes looks like it was designed in 1990s