Which is the best app for randomised quizzes in an LMS?

Feb 20, 2019

I need to build a compliance quiz, which will be used on an annual basis (max 3 years) to ensure compliance of users.  I plan to have several Quiz banks where a set number of questions will be randomly selected for each 'event'...

I want to know which would be the best (an easiest) product to use that will play nicely in a LMS please?

I am looking at Quizmaker, but have never really used it before, and perhaps Rise or SL (all in 360).

I welcome any and all of your thoughts, ideas, and advice :)

Thanks in advance

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David Tait

I don't think you'll find a better option than Rise if ease of use is at the forefront of your decision-making, especially if all you're creating is a quiz.

However, it doesn't offer question banks so you'd likely be in the realms of creating a separate Rise piece for each 'event'. I wouldn't be put off by this as it could still prove easier than some other options.

Alfred Mack

I would recommend you to use Adobe Captivate or Story-line ,These tools will not only give you an option to make random quiz but you can develop your entire course in it. You can make interactive course which will increase your user's engagement. I have been using these tool for years and results are fantastic. 

In terms of reporting you will be able to get comprehensive reports,I'm not sure if your LMS supports for xAPI but you still have an option to get good report from SCORM.

Please see my sample course which has random quiz at the end of the course. Click here 

Kiera McAuliffe

I feel like there is absolutely a gap in the market for an Exam builder. I use Rise for content, and build knowledge checks in to the material, and then we build exams in a Litmos component as I need more than the simple quiz in rise. As our team runs very light, we dont have the hours needed to keep up all our content and build out complex scorms for exams, with timers and flags etc in articulate. I havnt come across any shared projects on the portal that fit my needs either. Ill be following this one closely.

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