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I have several of courses that I sell together as a package for a monthly subscription of £35 to companies in the hospitality sector such as bars, clubs, hotels etc. Responsible alcohol retail, food hygiene, health and safety, fire awareness and some others.

I currently use the Articulate Online which I love but I want to give each company their own interface so they can register their own staff onto each course and this isn't possible with this.

Does anybody know a LMS that would fit my purpose based anywhere in the world.


Mark Bowden

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Mark! You could actually use Articulate Online for this - you could set up a different account for each client, and you could be an admin for each account. You could also choose one or more people from each client organization to have admin privileges on their organization's account. That way then can invite people, run reports, etc. 

Bob S

Hi Mark,

What you are asking for isn't too uncommon, though the "feature" is not always obvious. Some of the ways I've seen LMSs handle this type of thing...

  1. Group Filters - Actually the same LMS for all users, but they are presented a customized interface based on the group they are in
  2. "Sub Learn Centers" - Spin off instances of the main LMS that are unique (or not) for each. Typically you can copy down most/all settings and content and tweak from there. URL usually is simple addendum (ie mylms.com, mylms.com/sub1, mylms.com/sub2, etc)
  3. Separate accounts altogether (as mentioned above) but same admin
  4. Customized log in /front pages that sit in front of a common shared LMS
  5. ???

In short, there are several strategies for accomplishing what you are asking. If you love your current LMS (Articulate Online), then maybe check out what's possible using that one. Just remember, they may not always call the feature you want by the same name.

Hope this helps,