Which LMS is best?

Aug 08, 2014


I'm currently building courses for a number of companies and need a good, low cost LMS. The LMS needs to be able to allow training administrators at the companies to overlook the progress of their trainees.

Does anyone know of a suitable LMS provider?

Thank you

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Caroline Lawless

Hi Loftur,

If you're looking for an affordable, easy to use LMS with lot's of great features I suggest you try out LearnUpon. We offer Trainer, Administrator and Manager roles all of which have access to trainees progression stats and reports. Our system also has Learner roles which allow trainees to access information on their individual progression.

We offer a free 30 day trial which you can sign up for here. Alternatively you could drop us an email at hello@learnupon.com with your system requirements we'd be happy to let you know if LearnUpon will meet your LMS needs.

Best of luck with your LMS search!


Digital Marketer @LearnUpon

Stefano Posti

Hello Loftur, there are several threads in the community on this topic: one is this or this or the most popular.. this .

LMS Selection is one of the hardest part of the story.... Though our company uses a very special customization of Moodle as tha main production environment, I recently run an LMS selection process for an alternative, iPad /Tablet compatible LMS.

Once more we went for open source. And I'm very happy with it.

Please take into consideration that open source doesn't mean FREE!

If you have the possibility to properly manage and control web hosting expenses, technical implications, and to budget some consulting for startup and customizations, then Open source LMSs can be the most flexible solution to start with (though current Cloud based LMS like Learnupon, Litmos, Docebo are becoming more and more flexible, too).

If you don't know yet what your business volume will be, you could try out the one I chose: FormaLMS .

It DOES allow multiple templates for branding companies needs and multiple administrators roles to manage training progress.

The reporting system is really powerful and you can easily track and manage users.

If you're not familiar with managing a system and just want a pret a porter LMS, then you may go for one like LearnUpon, Litmos, Docebo or other similar LMSs.

Good luck!

hope it helps,


Claudio Erba

Very Tough question

My Suggestion is, find as many LMS's vendor that offer free trial and perform a "stress test", stress test means use it as your customer will use and check if the help desk team is responsve and helpful. Of course the LMS have to be tested and have lot of previous customers using Articulate suite and products on PC and also in Tablets.

From your customer's side I think that you would like to:

  • White label the LMS
  • Propose him some fancy features like gamification
  • Integrate with other tools
  • Be flexible with plans when you are in a "Training Peak" mode and also go with smaller plans when your training activity is not too heavy.

We in Docebo ( www.docebo.com ) , offer 14 days free trial, if you would like to try



Kate Salvan


LMS industry is booming and to find the right software is becoming more and more complicated.

If you are looking for a low cost LMS there is JoomlaLMS worth paying attention too.According to Brand Hall Group, it is one of the most
competitively priced systems available. It is consistently at the top of our Low Cost LMS options, regardless of delivery of number of users.

The price starts from 299$ per 100 learners and there is 1 month FREE trial per 30 students (quite enough time to make a final decision whether the software suits you or not)

Plus, this system makes evaluating student progress simple. Instructors may view (and download, in a number of formats) many types of reports. Quiz results are easily emailed, and course grades are also simple to record. Instructors may even issue certificates of completion at the end of the term.

Ashutosh Thatte

Agree with Claudio. A free trial will help an apple to apple comparison and more importantly, allow you to judge which LMS will suit your needs. Also take a look at www.wizdomcloud.com - G-Cube's SaaS offering aimed specifically at first time eLearning users. We offer a FREE version for up to 50 users and the plans start from as low as $ 0.75 / user / month.

Let me know if I can be of any help. Happy hunting!



Abara LMS

Abara LMS - 

Abara LMS is a modern, mobile-first Learning Management System for Corporates, Training and eLearning companies. Abara, which means ‘coach’ in Igbo, an African language, provides the Learning Management System domain with an innovative and intelligent approach to e-learning. Built for today’s dynamic workplace, it leverages a mobile-first approach in the HTML5 user interface, and can be accessed on iPads, Android phones and desktops. Abara is built with design considerations to provide the learner as well as the educator a state-of-the-art experience adding value to the entire learning ecosystem.

Abara LMS Features

·         AICC / SCORM Compliant

·         Asynchronous Learning

·         Built-In Course Authoring

·         Certification Management

·         Corporate / Business

·         eCommerce

·         Employee Training

·         Gamification

·         Mobile Learning

·         Skills Tracking

·         Social Learning

·         Testing / Assessments

·         Training Companies

for more - https://www.abaralms.com/

John roberts

Hello Loftur,

I recommend Beetsol LMS. This platform was suggested to me by one of my colleagues as she knew someone at Beetsol. I hadn't heard of it before so I was skeptical of investing my time in it.

I remember that I checked their website on my mobile and had all the information I needed really quickly. This encouraged me to sign up for a free demo and I am glad I did.

The platform has all the features that we were looking for but its best part is its ease of use and scalability. We had a free trial setup within minutes after our demo and we had everything we needed and more.

The service and response times were great and I am glad we choose Beetsol. Hope this helps.



adriana screpnic

I would suggest TeamFluent - an agile learning software for growing companies. Teamfluent helps you build a culture of learning and increase the productivity of your teams. You can use it to improve employee onboarding, ensure HR compliance, track learning progress, and give employees learning autonomy and flexibility. The app stimulates and accelerates personal development and helps develop employees using modern learning tools such as social learning, micro learning and gamification. You can request a demo here: https://www.teamfluent.com

Bhav Chahal

Hi Loftur,

GoSkills is a great solution for companies of all sizes. The platform is free, with optional premium upgrades that are priced on a sliding scale. 

The free plan includes:

Course creation by linking to any content on the web
Team creation and course assignment
Goal tracking for learners
Social learning 
Reporting and analytics

In order to upload your own standards-based courses (SCORM, xAPI) you can subscribe to the enterprise upgrade which allows you to create an unlimited number of courses, add your own custom branding, create and track classroom courses, create course categories, and be supported by a dedicated account manager.

With the free plan, you will be able to track time spent learning, course completion rates, and high performers, amongst other handy stats. 

If you’re interested in learning more, you can check out our platform here.

Hope this helps!

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