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Jamie Pierce

Hey Namrata! We have Oracle Taleo Learn and I'm not sure i would choose that one if i had it to do over again! Customer support is a nightmare....we pay extra for a Remote Admin and she is a blessing! She is the only way we can get any type of actual "Support" and she helps us navigate thier support system....we have had a hell of a time with reporting and have had some pretty major bugs over the last year since we deployed. They system looks nice and is easily modified by the admin.....but on the back end we have struggled! Good luck to you! Let us know what you decide on in case we decide to change when our contract is up!


Bob S

Hello Namrata,

I don't want to be unprofessional, but I would echo Jamie's comments above. Unless you are highly experienced and have internal resources that are dedicated full-time to managing an LMS, I cannot recommend Oracle's Taleo Learn.

You cannot go to them with a real-world business problem and have them offer solutions. Instead their model for this product appears to be predicated on the notjon that the customer is an expert and must ask for exactly, in painstaking detail what they want done.  Then the customer must follow up on those requests relentlessly, be accepting of their cumbersome processes, and work through multiple siloed entities within Oracle/Taleo to get things accomplished.

If you are in business that uses terms like "dynamic", "flexible", "quick to market", etc, to describe yourself, then these folks may not be the business partners you want. However if you are in a more traditional, old school, mega-company that measures project timelines in quarters and years with dedicated resources, then it might be a better match.


On a more positive note, have you checked out Blatant Media's lms platform, Absorb, lately?  That's where we are headed...


Hope this helps and good luck.

Sean Power

Hello Namrata,

I am keen to see if you found a solution that meets your needs?

If you are still reviewing platforms then I would be happy to provide information on Firmwater LMS and our functionality.

We are built specifically for training companies  and may be a cost effective fit for yourself and Uniform Advantage.

Let me know what suits.

Sean Power 

416-815-1496 x125


Patrick Ryan

Namrata Rathore said:

Thank You Jamie and Bob!

 I am looking at SilkRoad's GreenLight LMS. I will check out Absorb LMS also.


Namrata, Have you loaded Storyline SCORM 1.2 HTML5 courses on GreenLight and tested them on an iPad using Safari?

Kate Salvan

Choosing LMS is not an easy task. And I am sure all the recommendation here are worth looking at.

From my side i will suggest checking JoomlaLMS (learning management system developed for Open sourced Joomla! Content Management System) The main advantage - the number of available features you get for money.

here is a link to try a free version http://www.joomlalms.com/download-trial.html

Scott Bostjancic

What a great question! I went through the process of choosing an LMS few years ago. The biggest challenge my company faced was finding a LMS that supported classroom and online. Good luck in your search. I plan on checking out theones mentioned in this thread in the event we need a new LMS!