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Jens Westergren

Dear all,

I have investigated a bit into the copyright thing. I have a target group of 15000 using the published content only for internal use.

I contacted first BBC, then ITV,  then CPL Production only to get referred to Sony Pictures Television, who owns the rights to Who Wnats to be A Millionaire - and they refused to grant me the right to use the concept as a foundation for an internal e-learning, where I have changed the logo, the CVI and use my own content.

Alison Coops

Hello,  I downloaded this template, customized it for my topic and less copyright infringement and a teammate helped me get it working.  It was beautiful.  Then I imported it into the course that it goes with.  It no longer works.  Storyline decided that every slide needed to reference a different ScorePoints variable, so it created 14 new ones.  I've tried to get them all referring to one variable, but I just can't get it working again.  It displays the intro slide, but anytime it tries to display a slide that should display the score, I just get a spinning circle. I've attached my current version.  Any help would be appreciated.