Why use survey questions when there´s no way to report the answers?

Why did Articulate give us this excellent and easy option- to insert survey questions wherever in a course, when there seems to be no LMS capable of giving a report of the survey answers? We use Totara LMS (based on Moodle) and I´m very disappointed with its incapability to do this. Does anyone have a more positive experience of this with another LMS perhaps? 

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Julia Moreno Perri

I wonder if there's a way to embed a survey designed from another software into Articulate?

I'm new to Articulate and so I don't know whether or not that is possible. Your question is a good one when considering the usefulness of surveys within e-Learning modules. I hope Articulate something like third-party plug-ins like in WordPress that adds more functionality through integrations.

Laila Nyberg

Hi Phil!

Thanks for your answer! It gives me hope! Only that our supplier of the LMS Totara (based on Moodle) says it´s nearly impossible and would cost loads to tailor a solution for this in every specific e-course. (No way to find a genersl solution.) I thought this can´t be true! And this is what you seem to validate, Phil.

Any suggestions how to phrase my next request to them? Is there proof Moodle should be able to handle this? 

Laila Nyberg

Hi Julia!

I wonder the same, because that´s my plan B. I know it´s possible to insert web objects of let´s say Twitter, and just as well of an online survey tool, like SurveyMonkey or whatever. But it seems like a dumb solution when there are such good options at your fingertips inside the Articulate products. But Julia, you may be looking for more of a plug-in solution, that I don´t understand completely.

My problem is also that I like to pepper away those survey questions here and there in my e-courses, where they best fit in, and not at all like a classic survey of ten questions in a row. I can´t insert a web object for single survey questions several times... 

Thanks for answering and chipping in Julia!  

Laila Nyberg

Phil, I assume you mean likert scale questions. ;-) Your answer really gives me renewed hope. I´m going to start experimenting with result slides again on my own and I will certainly tell my suppliers to try harder to find a solution. This is not what we ordered.

Many thanks, Phil!

But I hope some more people in the community will validate that it should be perfectly possible to report survey questions in an LMS based on Moodle, because you do it every day, or whatever... :-) If you can include some instructions to my supplier on how to fix it, that would be super!  

Bridget O'Dell

Hi Laila,

Not sure if this helps, but I just published an article on how to export variable values via email. For your purposes, you could align variables to all of your survey questions and then export those values via email to see what the user is typing in each survey field.

See the article here:


Hope this helps!

Christine Hounsham

Hi Laila

Attached is an example of my where I used a custom Likert survey to pass the result to LMS. 

This should give you a fairly simple option of getting results to Totara without having to worry about a Supplier created solution.  Obviously, it takes more effort to build the custom survey, instead of just using the template but it works well, and now you can just use mine :)

Hope this solves your problem.  Cheers Christine

Christine Hounsham

Laila, just read your comment that you don't want to use the ten question is a row style (sorry this is exactly what I gave you above) and instead want to pepper survey questions throughout.  

As such, you may prefer this alternate style that I just did to answer a similar question for Ben in the community.   https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/need-to-send-variable-in-lms#reply-568050

In both cases, you will notice I simply build custom survey questions with score tallied in a custom number variable, which I then use to insert into a numeric quiz and pass to a result slide for reporting to LMS. 

I find using this method, you can design pretty much anything you want. 

Cheers Christine

Laila Nyberg

Thank you so much, Christine! I haven´t had time to look at your solutions until now, but they seem excellent ! I´m going to try them out in Totara before Christmas! 

This should at least solve the likert scale type questions. Is the trick always to make it into number variables? I often use questions where it´s hard to put a number on each answer. I´d rather just know which answer they chose. But I guess I could get that as well by using the points as clues, but then I couldn´t tally the scores since I need to know the answers on an individual level.    

Do you happen to have a solution for short answer-questions as well?

Or is there anyone else in the community who knows how to get them reported into a moodle based LMS? 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all friendly souls in this wonderful community! 

Christine Hounsham

Hi Laila,  You're welcome.  Yes you can do the same type of set up for short answer, and even short essay (I've tried answers of 100 words), inputs to pass the results to LMS.

If it was just a short answer, I want worry about using a custom input field and would just format the FIB quiz question to don't have right/wrong answer or responses, but use to simply capture responses.  

If design wise though you want to do different layouts that require the use of a custom input field, you can then use the same thinking as above (with the numeric examples) to pass learner feedback to a FIB quiz and result slide, to then get it to report in LMS.

Example is attached.  Have a great Christmas.