Why Use the Articulate Player?

Since I started using Storyline, I have been publishing lessons for AMP. Recently, I realized that the Resources tab does not show in the player, so I used the workaround to create a lightbox slide linked to a customized tab. Then I realized that the PDF attachments don't open from the player, but they do when I publish to HTML5.

In addition, many of my learners have complained about having to download an app just to complete one lesson and some clients who use company iPads were unable to download the application.

So, I am wondering, what is the real advantage of the player over HTML5?

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Will Findlay

I never use the AMP and see no real advantage, but then 90% of what I create lives in an LMS so I can't really use the AMP. The only thing I can think of would the ability to play offline. If I was working on a project where I needed to pre-install a course on a dedicated iPad where internet access would be iffy, I would use it then. 

Alexandros Anoyatis

You have to keep in mind that the Articulate Mobile Player was developed during the days of Storyline 1 when mobile devices carried no more than 256MB of memory (or maybe 512 at best). That meant viewing e-learning content in-browser was "iffy" at best, and (at worst) often resulted in a browser crash. As technology moved forward, in-browser HTML5 became a better option to view your content in, except when dealing with the offline scenario Will described above.

Hope this helps,